Teacher Training

Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga is proud to host a variety of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs for those interested in becoming a yoga instructor and/or current instructors that are interested in advancing their studies.

We offer multiple certification levels including, but not limited to, 200-hour Teacher Training, 300-hour Teacher Training, 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training, Adaptive Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training and more.

Yoga Alliance has recently updated their standards and credentialing regarding registered schools. Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga is pleased to announce that all of our programs exceed the new standards required of Yoga Alliance.


Scholarships Available for Veterans and Military Spouses

Studio Bamboo is a registered school with the MYCCA program. If you are a military dependent or military spouse please contact MYCAA to begin your application to qualify for full financial assistance for Teacher Training tuition at Studio Bamboo.


200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga is proud to offer a Yoga Alliance registered 200-Hour Teacher Training program based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Earn your 500-hour teaching certification through one of the most highly respected programs in the country – a rigorous, in-depth study of all eight limbs of classical yoga.

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85-Hour Prenatal Teacher Training

Studio Bamboo is proud to offer a Yoga Alliance 85-hour Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training. This is an advanced training for anyone who has a 200-hour teacher training certification.

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Continuing Education

Studio Bamboo is proud to be a provider for Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits for instructors. We are all students of yoga. Regardless of how accomplished you are as a teacher, success should inspire continued learning and growth.

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