Natalie Copeland Peterson

Natalie Copeland Peterson

Co-Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher

Natalie took her first yoga class in 2004. Over time, what started as a compliment to her other fitness activities, became a way of life. Natalie credits her yoga practice with bringing balance and mindfulness to her life and has dedicated herself to sharing this gift with others. She appreciates how the different lineages of yoga compliment each other and can be utilized to build a strong foundation in mindfulness and movement. Natalie has trained over 100 yoga practitioners to become yoga teachers, and has provided additional instruction through multiple continuing education workshops. The combination of Natalie’s legal education and yoga education has provided invaluable insights into teaching yoga as well as studio management/operations and provides a unique perspective she is thrilled to share with her students and the Bamboo community.

Certifications & Trainings:

  • Juris Doctor - The Florida State University College of Law
  • E-RYT 200 - Pure Prana Yoga Studio, Alexandria, VA
  • E-RYT 500 - The Hard & The Soft Institute of Yoga
  • 15 hour Restorative Training

What classes do you teach at Studio Bamboo?

Multi-level, Foundations, Fitness Fusion, Restorative, Teacher Training

How would you describe your teaching style?

Vinyasa based classes that focus on alignment and breath, with a dash of philosophy and a sprinkle of laughter.

What type of student would benefit from your classes?

Anyone who wants to move, laugh and open their heart to new possibilities!

What does yoga mean to you?

It is a connection between mind, body and spirit that allows us to see and honor ourselves just as we are.

What is your favorite asana and why?

Astavakrasana (eight angle pose) is my favorite asana because it teaches us that flexibility is measured not by the length of our muscles, but rather by our willingness to step up to our challenges. Astavakrasana doesn't require a tremendous amount of strength or flexibility, but it does require the lift that comes from pulling ourselves up by the heart strings. The most important muscles to flex are those of the heart!