Laura Polyviou

Laura Polyviou

Yoga Instructor

Movement and health has always been a way of life for me and my family. I’ve been certified as a personal trainer and instructing for over 25 years. I began yoga as a personal practice and received my yoga teacher certification in 2018 with Raji Thron of Yoga Synthesis in NY. Yoga is a way to continuously work towards finding balance and harmony throughout the body. I incorporated yoga into all of my training sessions, as well as teaching classes at Crunch Fitness and Lifetime Athletic facilities in northern NJ, prior to moving to Virginia Beach and finding home at Studio Bamboo.

Certifications and Trainings:

  • American Council of Exercise - CPT 1998
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - CPT 1999
  • National Academy of Health and Fitness Professionals - Post Rehabilitation Conditioning Specialist - 1999
  • Melt Method Instructor - 2005
  • Chek Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coach - 2009
  • TRX Instructor/ RIP Trainer Instructor 2009, 2011
  • Lifetime Athletic Montvale NJ CPT,Metabolic Specialist, Zone training, Team Weightloss Instructor 2013
  • Yoga Synthesis NY RYT 200 -2018

What classes do you teach at Bamboo?


How would you describe your teaching style?

With spirited enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism, I instruct and motivate a wide range of clients to achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. Having a combination of determination, focus, compassion, and patience will help achieve wellness goals over time through a consistent and well-rounded practice. I am the guide, your body is the teacher.

What type of student would benefit from your classes?

Any body. Everyone regardless of age, gender, weight or any other factor one might feel is holding them back. It’s important to not compare yourself to others. Yoga is a journey inward toward a balanced mind and healthy body.

What does yoga mean to you?

Unification. Connectivity of mind, body and spirit, which can be further recognized over time through a consistent practice.

What is your favorite asana and why?

Much like the seasons change, so does my favorite asana.