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The Upside Down Club

Yoga was first cultivated in the ancient forest schools of India and the Himalayas. The great American poet Van Morrison once wrote, “No Guru, No method, No teacher. Just you and I and Nature, in the garden.” The upside down club harkens back to this communal effort in understanding the nature of All There Is. In a topsy-turvy world, being comfortable upside down is wildly advantageous for generating courage, compassion, and trust. The lighthearted nature of this club welcomes folks from all walks of life, abilities, and curiosities. Here, you are permitted to fall, feel frustrated, become uncomfortable, and conquer fears through thoughtful guidance and communal support. Here, you are permitted to discover inner strength, ask questions, make new friends, and learn how incredibly awesome you already are. We use individual assistance as well as group practices to foster comfortability and connection. The complexities of inversions and arm balances are broken down to create a safe learning environment. Those interested in, or new to, inversions will find quick growth and practical application of upside down activities. Those comfortable upside down will find new ways to incorporate inversions into their practice. While being upside down is the fruit of our labor, cultivating a precise and strong understanding of Center is our focus. When one knows center, it is “hard” to become influenced by outside forces. This leads to a great comfortability with the essence of who we are and increased self-confidence as well as a plethora of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. We utilize bandhas, pranayama, prepatory asana, kriyas, and group discussions as a vehicle to enhance the Yoga practice, and ultimately, the amount of fun one can experience on and off the mat. Check us out Thursdays 6pm!

Never Above, Never Below, Maybe Upside-down, and Always by Your side. The Upside Down Club