Studio Bamboo Policies

PRE-REGISTRATION : Due to the high volume of students, pre-registration is encouraged to reserve your spot in class. In order to best serve all students, if you are not present 5 minutes prior to class start time your pre-registered spot will be forfeited. Need help pre-registering for class? Download the free MINDBODY App. Feel free to contact the front desk for any assistance.

ARRIVAL: Please arrive to class 10-15 minutes early—we start on time.

LATE ENTRY & EARLY DEPARTURE : A10-minute grace period is allowed for late entries, given that class is not substantially full. (For classes at or near capacity, a 5 minute grace period will be enforced). If you are entering the class late we ask that you are mindful and quiet. Please respect the authority and discretion of the Front Desk Staff—they have the best interests of the entire group in mind.

If you need to leave class early, please tell the teacher before class begins. Put your mat at the back of the room, near the door. Exit quietly before Savasana (the part where you lie on your back)

PURCHASE REFUND: All class purchases are non-transferable and non-refundable. Expirations are enforced.

WORKSHOP REFUND: Space will not be held for any workshop without payment. Cancellations requested after payment has been made are eligible for a refund less a 15% administrative fee. Cancellations requested 7 days prior to an event are eligible for a 50% refund, and within 24 hours of event NO refund. If Studio Bamboo cancels a workshop or event a 100% refund will be honored.

MEMBERSHIP HOLD POLICY: Traveling for an extended trip? Immersed in a time-consuming project? Just need a temporary break from your practice? Whatever the case may be, we’re happy to hold 1 Autopay charge in any 12-month period. The hold is for a 30 day increment. During this time, you will not be billed your monthly membership fee. After your account resumes from that hold, it cannot be placed back on hold for a the remainder of your year contract. What we need from you…

  • Request a Membership HOLD FORM by emailing info@StudioBambooYoga.com or asking the front desk staff.

  • Kindly submit your Hold Form at least 14 days before your monthly auto-draft date.

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION POLICY: Any cancellations made during your contract period you will be charged a $99.00 Cancellation Fee.

If you’re unable to practice as the result of injury or illness, request to fill out a hold/cancellation form. Email that form to info@StudioBambooYoga.com. Please allow 48 hours for us to deactivate your account. Cancellation fee will be waived for injury or illness.

Phone or voicemail cancellations will not be accepted. Studio Bamboo will send a confirmation email upon receipt of your cancellation email. Cancellation requests must be made at least 14 days before the date of your next scheduled auto-pay, or the next month’s fee will be charged. We do not offer prorated refunds for cancellations processed after your most recent auto-pay.