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Have you been thinking about taking a 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training?

Have you been thinking about becoming a yoga instructor or simply deepening your knowledge of yoga? Perhaps you do not wish to teach but yearn for further understanding. We all begin somewhere. Yet where does that thought lead? We can continue to participate in daily classes or workshops here and there, or we can dive into a program. The first step is a 200-hour yoga teacher training and there are thousands to consider. There are many factors in deciding when is the right time. Before taking the dive, explore these questions:

  • How much time do I have to commit to this training and my practice for the next 8 months?

  • What do I want to learn?

  • How would I benefit from training with Studio Bamboo?

  • What is holding me back?

  • If I begin this training tomorrow what would I gain? Lose?

  • Where would my supports be throughout the program?

Are you practicing with us? If not, you should be. Why? To get a feel for the studio, our faculty, for our style of yoga, and our ethical standards. It offers you a chance to speak about the program with teachers and past graduates. Many of our trainees have gone on to teach at Studio Bamboo.

When is the right time?

These trainings do require a time commitment. However, there is never a “good” time. Our schedule consists of one full weekend per month and generally a full Saturday in between the scheduled sessions. Additionally, students have a 25-hour Anatomy and Physiology course to complete online, monthly homework, periodic reading assignments, and are required to practice in the studio two times a week. Towards the end of the program, there is a group project to complete for graduation. Students must be well paced and organized to be successful.

What do you want to learn?

The 200-hour program with Studio Bamboo is the foundation of your training. You will complete the program with knowledge of the Eight Limbed Path which includes asana, pranayama, & meditation, anatomical alignment, safe sequencing, modifications & contraindications, and more. You may find as you move through training that other interests are sparked such as prenatal yoga, yoga for stress & anxiety, or yoga therapy. After completing your 200-hour program, you can move forward into more specialized trainings.

The raw truth about Yoga Teacher Training...

Once the spark is lit, you will begin to do your own homework about studios, programs, and faculty. You will talk to friends, other teachers, and students about their experiences of going through training. What you will find is that everyone's experience will be a little different. One common thread in Studio Bamboo's training is that it is life changing. It is an in depth, transformational study of all eight limbs of yoga and an unexpected journey inward.

What you set as your intention at the beginning will redevelop as the eight months come to an end. Be prepared for change, for it will surely happen. "Shift" happens during training regardless of whether you are ready. You will meet lifelong friends, the ones who will support you through anything. That precious gift of gratitude will show up more and more. You will find yourself more present in all aspects of your life. Teacher training opens you to endless possibilities. You will be challenged both physically and emotionally. You will change in some ways, grow in others. You will be humbled, laugh, you might even cry. But most of all, it will open your heart to grace and gratitude.

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