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Monica Seaman

Yoga Instructor

Monica is a culture & compassion enthusiast! "Culture makes life richer, while compassion makes life sweeter." Her experiences of studying and living in Latin American countries led her to be a language teacher in Mexico and the U.S., yet organically shifted her passion of teaching and studentship towards bodywork and healing. She continues to do so as she studies Massage Therapy at the Cayce/Reilly School of Massage. Nature, friends and family are what make her heart sing.

Classes at Bamboo:

Foundations & Meditation

Experience and Certifications:

RYT200, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Reiki Level II

Teaching Style:

Monica focuses her teaching on mindful movement of body & mind. She invites the exploration of balance between telling the body where to go (alignment), honoring what the breath & body is telling you day to day, and knowing what your mind is doing along the way.

Students that would enjoy Monica's classes:

I would recommend beginners & experienced practitioners with a beginner's mind to come to my classes! It is so much fun and invaluable to revisit the basics and notice how our previous experiences show up on our mat.

What does yoga mean to Monica?

Yoga to me means a way of life, not just a type of exercise. My yoga journey started with meditation and then grew from there to asana & beyond. What I find on my mat is always found off my mat, like a mirror. Yoga provides tools to navigate the ups and downs of life with easeā€¦and it is a journey without end, which is so much fun!

Favorite Asana:

My favorite asana is crow, right now. I love playing with gravity in this way.