Stacey Jennette

Stacey Jennette

Yoga Instructor

With a Bachelor's Degree in Music and after nearly 20 years in Nashville working in the Music Industry, spending more time in planes, tour busses and hotels than she cares to admit or remember, Stacey was ready for a change, reset and some serious grounding. That time of reflection led her back to her roots in Virginia Beach, closer to family and the ocean where the salt air never smelled so good! Quickly diving in to her passions, Stacey pursued a certification in nutrition and enrolled in Studio Bamboo’s Teacher Training program where she found her people and her grounding. When not at the studio she can be found on or in a body of water, hiking or supporting the local entertainment scene.

Classes at Bamboo:

  • Foundations
  • Chair Fitness

Experience and Certifications:

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) 200-Hour

Your favorite asana and why?:

Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) is one of my favorite asanas because it opens and lengthens me in all directions, not to mention I can't help but to stay in the present moment during the posture.