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Yoga for Beginners Workshop- Finding the Groove

Whether a fleeting thought or a recommendation from a doctor, friend or that Yoga teacher from that one time, most of us have considered trying Yoga. We hear about its physical and psychological benefits, which sound great... but reading about and doing it are two different things, right? Eager to learn more, you may have Googled “yoga,” only to see people who must not have bones because how in the world is their head there while their arm is under there Perhaps you simply typed in “yoga studio near me,” but have not quite made up your mind to check it out. The first step is always the most challenging. Truly. Maybe you attended a class, but felt lost. After all, how are you supposed to breathe, move, find this muscle, and use this block all at the same time? A million thoughts might pop up any time you hear about Yoga: “I’m not flexible enough,” “I don’t have enough time,” “I’m not...enough.”

If it feels a bit intimidating, you are not alone. But here are a few secrets:

  1. Yoga is for Every Body.

  2. It is not about forcing yourself into wild shapes or the deepest expression of a pose. It is about body-mind-breath connection.

  3. You only need yourself, your breath, and a willingness to honor your body’s needs to practice.

A little less scary now? Hopefully! “Okay, blog post writer, that sounds kind of nice. But how do I get started or hop back into a practice?” you may be asking. While group classes are great, a workshop is a wonderful place to dip your toe into the Yoga pool. Our Yoga for Beginners workshop gives all students the opportunity to slow down, ask questions, and begin to cultivate self-awareness. After the class, you will have 2 Free Weeks of Yoga to check out our classes and make much deserved time for yourself! The 90-minute workshop breaks down some common postures you see in class and the practice of mindfulness. Students will spend time playing with blocks, alignment, and blankets in order to experience poses as they work in each unique body. Your pose will likely look different from the person next to you. Guess what? That is wonderful!

This workshop opens the door to moving more confidently with and breathing in your body exactly as it is in the moment. Think of it as an introductory crash course to an amazing practice that can serve you throughout your whole life. The hardest part is stepping into the studio, but we are here to offer support every step of the way. No matter where you may be in your life or practice, stop in, roll out your mat, and say hello as we explore Yoga together!

“In truth, yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.” ~Ganga White