Taylor Collier

Front Desk Staff + Yoga Instructor

Moved from Alexandria, VA to Virginia Beach a little over a year ago. I took my first yoga class during college in 2005, and I love the mental and physical benefits of a solid practice. I enjoy dancing and will never pass up a plate of french fries.

Classes at Bamboo:

Currently on the sub list, also work the front desk several days a week.

Teaching Style:

I enjoy slowing down and lean towards more Yin and Restorative styles of teaching and practicing.

What does yoga mean to Taylor?

To me, yoga helps to connect your mind, body, and soul so that you can find a peaceful balance both mentally and physically.

Experience and Certifications:

200hr RYT (Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga) and also currently getting certified to teach Pre Natal (Studio Bamboo Institute of Yoga).

Favorite Asana:

Vrkasana – tree pose, because I feel strong, solid, and powerful. (Also, who doesn't love a nice tree?!)