Elise Hasenstab

Yoga Instructor

Elise is known for teaching in a voice that is truly her own. In her classes, she keeps a light sense of humor and driving instruction while maintaining a reverence to the deep traditions of Yoga.

Classes at Bamboo:

  • Multi Flow

Teaching Style:

As a Hatha Yoga instructor, modifications and breath work are offered in Elise's classes to make yoga accessible to all who seek. Body alignment is key. “How deep the student goes in a posture is of no consequence, as long as the student is well-aligned.”

Students that would enjoy Elise's classes:

Anyone who is interested in Yoga. Everyone from beginner to advanced will benefit. The mission to bring healthful, mindful yoga to all those who seek it is the force that drives Elise. She is happy to be part of this network of teachers and students that share that intent.

What does yoga mean to Elise?

Yoga had, in the past, felt unattainable and stressful for me. I struggled through postures and breathing, always ready for it to end. But then I began to feel the effects of yoga. It wasn’t a kick of an “Aha” moment. It was a slow-growing knowledge that welled from deep inside of me. Yoga is the one thing in my life that feels consistent. It’s my long partner and best friend. No matter the phase of life I am in, yoga always follows me. It knows my sadness and joy, my accomplishments and my defeats, my bravery and fear. I look forward to the many years of life with yoga to come.

Experience and Certifications:

200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification from the Temple of Kriya Yoga, Chicago in 2008

Favorite Asana:

Downward facing dog. It reminds me that even that even times of rest require a little effort, and that’s a good thing.