Megan began studying yoga when her long relationship with dance and gymnastics started to come to an end. Yoga became a primary source of healing and recovering. She has a degree in Health Education and Dance from Old Dominion University. She loves being near the ocean and spending time with her yellow lab, Layla. She has been known to be a globe trotter and quite spontaneous when it comes to travel.
Classes at Bamboo:

Experiences and Certifications:
Megan completed her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Studio Bamboo in 2012. Her teaching focuses on using yoga for mind and body therapy, building strength and having fun!

Favorite Asana:
Eka Pada Rajakapotasana. So much is happening in this pose. Back-bending heart opener, hip opener, shoulder opener, quads!

Megan instructs the following:
  • Multi Flow
  • Multi flow is a multilevel vinyasa-style practice with a blend of sun salutes, standing, balancing and seated postures, core work, and inversions. Appropriate modifications and variations will be offered to meet all needs. All levels are welcome.

    Please Note: Due to the high volume of students, pre-registration is encouraged to reserve your spot in class. In order to best serve all students, if you are not present 5 minutes prior to class start time your pre-registered spot will be forfeited. Need help pre-registering for class? Feel free to contact the front desk.